Feeling good about yourself is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and this Venezuelan is working to help the women who come to her beauty center regain confidence in themselves.

With the firm intention of having an impact in the United States, the Venezuelan Daneyza, migrated 10 years ago to the mentioned country and since then she has worked as a true beauty professional. Today she reaps her own success.

Daneyza is a beauty entrepreneur, internationally certified specialist in Zero Ink Stretch Mark Camouflage, and also a specialist in pigmentology. This Venezuelan is the CEO of MasyRubi Skin Center.

“My unique technique to remove stretch marks, blemishes and scars is helping many people gain more self-confidence and rewrite their story,” she said.

She also stated, “my work helps these scars not bother your self-esteem.”

Through her Instagram account – @ masyrubiskin-, the expert shows the results of her patients and shares advice. In addition, she teaches the technique and shows her methodology so that those who are interested in the procedure learn more about her profession.

“My firm purpose remains the same since I arrived in this country; to be a bridge of change in the lives of other women, just as I have had my life transformed by the world of beauty.”

For more information, follow Daneyza Mas y Rubi on social media @masyrubiskin