“I consider myself a creative, innovative and very versatile artist, with international awards and decorations at anime conventions and national recognition as an artist.”

Ozcar Cruz, the artist from Barrancamermeja, has stood out in the world of tattooing for 8 years, becoming the pioneer in the branch of anime tattooing, being not only the forerunner of this technique but also the #1 in Latin America.

He started in the artistic world from school, when he discovered his talent drawing him, from there he perfected his technique and realized that drawing goes further and can be captured on the skin. Combining the two arts he found his true passion: anime tattooing.

He currently has his own studio in the city of Bogotá, a place where he has not only been able to capture his talent on skin canvases, but also create a geek world around tattoos, creating his own clothing line focused on anime, comics, otaku. …, being more than an artist, an entrepreneur.
His talent has led him to collaborate with brands, doing commercials and starring in national television events tattooing live. He is currently sponsored by @ emalla.ofical, one of the most important companies worldwide in the world of tattooing and its supplies. His goal is to be number one globally in his art.