Renowned British Coach Adam Cerra Helping US Coaches To Scale Their Businesses

The coaching industry is growing faster than ever, with new coaches, consultants and trainers popping up in every niche you can imagine. Ready to offer their expert services to people looking to improve every aspect of their lives, these high-ticket coaches have some serious skills when it comes to empowering their clients to lead more productive and meaningful lives. 

However, it’s fair to say that as much as these expert coaches love helping their clients, most of them dread the process of actually selling their services. Simply put, their passion and skills lie elsewhere and having sales conversations with prospects is among their least favourite activities. 

Moreover, many also lack the specialist skills required to sell high-ticket programs – which are very different from selling a physical product like a car or watch. Indeed, many suffer from a lack of confidence to get on calls, so they struggle to close consistently and feel very uncomfortable using salesy pressure tactics. And if they have a bad run of just a few sales calls that didn’t go their way, their confidence plummets further, starting a vicious cycle of despair. 

Whilst many coaching businesses can identify with this issue, there are some who are competent at closing their high-ticket programs and are doing fairly well – until they realize they can’t scale their time! In other words, they have to either choose between sales and fulfillment, meaning that oftentimes they are spread too thin and have less time to give to their clients – which in turn means the quality of their service drops. And if they turn their attention to client delivery, their revenue stalls. This is not only exhausting and stressful, but it also means that many high-ticket coaching businesses will constantly swing between cycles of boom and bust, negatively impacting cash flow and confidence. It’s the classic catch 22 situation faced by most business owners in this space. 

So what’s the answer? 

Coaches who are serious about scaling their business simply need to hire someone that can close sales for them with integrity and consistency. This will free them from being stuck on endless sales and (time-sucking) discovery calls as well as saving considerable time on follow-ups. Moreover, this will free up coaches to spend more time working on the thing they love and set out to do in the first place – which is helping their clients!  

However, as simple as the solution appears to be, it’s actually quite difficult to find salespeople who are trained in closing high-ticket programs with continued and predictable success. Many coaches turn to recruitment companies to find the right talent for them but this can lead to a whole host of problems because the skills required for closing high-ticket programs are highly specialised. 

Indeed, finding the right closer is a time-consuming and stressful process and even when a business owner thinks they may have found the ‘one’, they won’t actually know their capability until they’re actually in the hot seat so to speak. If they’re a bad hire, they will burn through hard-earned leads like fire and if they’re a good hire, the business will do well – until they get sick or leave. Indeed, being dependent on a uniquely skilled closer’s ability to sell is not sustainable or scalable, thereby leaving many high-ticket coaching businesses highly vulnerable. 

Moreover, once a recruitment company finds a coach or consultant with the right talent, they cut all responsibilities so it’s all on the business owner to manage them effectively. Closers need constant contact and coaching to ensure they’re not only on top of their game but also representing the brand they’re working for in the best possible light. As such, it can become a time-intensive process.  

So what’s the real answer? High-ticket enrolment coaches! These specialists are the ‘secret sauce’ behind the growth of many top entrepreneurs who’ve taken their business from 6 figures to 7 or even 8 figures. However, the caveat is that they’re really hard to come by, as confirmed by Adam Cerra, an 8-figure High-Ticket Enrollment Mentor, and creator of the Inverse Selling™ system.

Cerra has developed and perfected his high-ticket client enrollment system over two decades of working with some of the industry’s biggest brands, closing over 30 million dollars to date. Given his vast expertise, it’s fair to say that he knows a thing or two about selling high-ticket. It’s extremely hard to find sales professionals that specialise in selling coaching programs” explains Cerra. “The vast majority of sales professionals do not have the skill or experience for this particular type of sale, which is selling intangible offers. Selling coaching programs is very different to selling cars, or Saas offers. It requires a unique set of skills” says Cerra.  

While traditional ways of selling revolve around convincing people the offer is beneficial for them, Cerra’s unique Inverse Selling™ provides sales teams with the means to open up pathways within the mind of the prospects, thus naturally leading them to the conclusion of buying the offer. Crucially, he has an incredible team of enrolment coaches who he has personally trained in his proprietary Inverse Selling™ methodology, allowing experts to scale their business consistently and predictably without reliance on the ability of a particular closer. 

Moreover, his Inverse Selling™ has been specially designed to close more prospects into paying clients with integrity – which is incredibly important when trying to protect brand reputation. This effectively means that the sales process is never pushy, salesy or annoying which helps to build brand loyalty and trust.

The end result is high-ticket coaches being able to serve their clients with passion and purpose whilst also having peace of mind knowing their calls are being handled expertly, predictably and with integrity. Indeed, confidently growing their business and scaling can finally become a reality with the help of Cerra, who is well aware of how transformational his services can be for a coaching business. “Since we specialise in selling in this space where very few people have my track record and expertise, our solution is a great fit to solve a successful coach’s problem,” states Cerra. He confirms that clients come to him when they’re ready to scale their high-ticket programs of $2,500 or more without taking the sales calls themselves. “With my help, my clients have been able to double or even triple their revenue without spending more on marketing, which is quite a significant jump in profitability.” 

So if you’re a coach with a high-ticket program looking to scale without the headache of recruiting, training or coaching a salesperson (or you’ve been wanting to raise your prices, but have been uncomfortable asking for the sale at higher prices), then it’s worth thinking about hiring an expertly trained, outsourced high-ticket sales team who can take your business to the next level.